HEAD. HEART. HOPE. Help. Hope. Hustle.

These are the words that continue to inspire us and our work.
Help.      Hope.     Hustle. 


You may have noticed I often use those words in my social media posts and wonder “Why does she do that?” I have a passion for vintage type and ephemera; I often use antique elements like old maps or illustrations in my designs.


HEAD HEART HAND Help Hope Hustle

I discovered this stray sample of hand lettering that someone was practicing and the phrases spoke to my own practice of art – and life. And, for a scrap of paper that came from the 1900s, the words are so relevant today.

If you look closely, it’s not perfect: you can see where it’s been touched up and reworked, but that’s just like life. Imperfect but we keep persevering.

Here’s how I strive to put those words into intentional actions:

Think and plan with intention.

Bring passion and heartfelt intention.

Create intentionally and with purpose.

For our community wherever needed.

For our future.

Keep grinding and going forward.

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