BUFFALO, NY. There was a time our city raised certain images. Buffalo. Poster child for the dreaded Rust Belt. Abandoned industries. Buffalo. Blizzards and never-ending cold. Buffalo. For too long we let ourselves be defined by outsiders.

THAT WAS THEN. THIS IS NOW. Well, times have changed. Buffalo believers have brought a new vision to our city. Believers who recognize the community within this City of Good Neighbors. Who behold beautiful architecture where naysayers see ruin. Create small businesses in empty funeral homes, forlorn storefronts, even grain silos. Believers who set up vibrant community and art spaces in abandoned industrial zones. The visionaries who believe in Buffalo.

WE RISE UP. It’s always been my belief we will rise again. Sure, there’s still some grit and grime in the Nickel City. That’s OK with us, we like our rough edges just fine.

It’s this belief in ourselves that has helped Buffalo rise again.



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WHITE RABBIT DESIGN. I’ve been blessed to follow a path I truly love: the pursuit of art through design and illustration. As a child I adored the book “Alice in Wonderland” – fascinated with the wordplay and images – so the name was a natural when I started my graphic design company.

BUFFALO GALS. In 2015 I was inspired to create “Buffalo Gals” – Buffalove-inspired gifts. Although my degree from SUNY Buffalo State is in graphic design, my background is fine arts and illustration. I’d always hoped to get back to those roots, so this fulfills an enduring personal creativity.

BUFFALO, NY. These designs are my love letters to our Queen City. I interpret what is original about Buffalo using vivid pop art colors and funky typefaces, old maps of Buffalo, vintage patterns, hearts, whimsical flowers. Inspiration comes from anywhere: faded signage on a 19th century derelict building, joyful flower gardens in the city, neon lights in a Buffalo dive bar. I combine the modern with the historic, Renaissance and Rust Belt – keeping some rough edges and grit – like our very city itself.



Whether you’re a native born Buffalonian, an expat longing for familiar sights, or a transplant who’s embraced Buffalo as your adopted home, proudly show the world where you’re from. Display your Buffalove. Proclaim Buffalo’s sense of community, beauty, and vitality, rough edges and all.