Did you know the first Saturday in November is National Bison Day?

Did you know the first Saturday in November is National Bison Day?

Well, well, well!  Today, November 5th is the NATIONAL day celebrating the American Bison!  Might as well call it the National Buffalo NY day as far as any Buffalover is concerned.

National Bison Day has been observed annually on the first Saturday in November since 2012. In 2016, President Barack Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act, making the North American bison the national mammal of the United States.

The purpose of National Bison Day is to encourage celebration of the American Bison, also commonly known as the American buffalo, a North American species of bison that once roamed the grasslands of North America in massive herds, became nearly extinct by a combination of commercial Bison hunting and slaughter in the 19th century and introduction of bovine diseases from domestic cattle.

As noted in the Senate resolutions, bison are considered a historical symbol of the United States, and were integrally linked with the economic and spiritual lives of many Indian tribes through trade and sacred ceremonies. Bison can also play an important role in improving the types of grasses found in landscapes to the benefit of grasslands and hold significant economic value for private producers and rural communities.

Happy National Bison Day!


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