Von Miller's letter to the Bills Mafia

Von Miller's letter to the Bills Mafia

Have you heard about linebacker Von Miller's team video? It certainly hit the Bills Mafia hard right where they live. "Burn it all" indeed!  I guess we're all with Miller when it comes to his prayers for the Bills opener against the Rams.

It's a great turnaround for the Buffalo-hesitant Miller.  According to USA Today:

“I was kind of like hesitant at first,” he recalled of his near backing out of the deal. “I just wanted to be sure in the decision I was making. And I still remember it like it was yesterday, Sean McDermott said, ‘It’s Buffalo. I know it doesn’t have the optics, but you will learn to love this place. This place will grow on you and you will love this place.’

“When he said it, I just thought it was part of the recruiting pitch. But, being here in western New York and being at home and being around the fans, going to your local restaurants here, and being around the people . . .  I just feel at home. And I’ve fallen in love with this place and it just gets better and better each and every day.”

Well, all I can say is "Welcome home, Von!"  Oh, and BILLS BY A BILLION!

You can see Miller's "Dear Buffalo" video:



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